Coachi Tricks Target Stick

SKU: 19163
Coachi Tricks Target Stick
Coachi Tricks Target Stick
Coachi Tricks Target Stick
Coachi Tricks Target Stick
Coachi Tricks Target Stick

Coachi Tricks Target Stick

SKU: 19163
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  • Product supports overall good health for your pet
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If you love clicker training than this is the product for you! The Coachi Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training as it allows you to lure the dog into different positions.


  • Dog / Puppy Training - Once the dog has learnt to follow the target you can easily direct him into position. Great for basic obedience like 'sit' and 'down' but also invaluable for more advanced tricks.
  • Telescopic Design - The telescopic design makes it convenient to transport in a pocket or treat bag when not in use and gives flexible options when training: 15cm retracted, 70cm extended.
  • Large Target - A 30mm brightly coloured blue (a dominant colour in dogs vision) soft foam ball at the end of the Target Stick provides a clear visual guide for your dog to follow.
  • Easy To Use - Great for all dogs and puppy training, basic obedience and trick training. The Coachi Target Stick, also has a soft padded handle, which is comfortable to hold.

The Coachi Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training. It’s essentially an extendable stick with a soft rubber ball on the end, which provides a visual target to guide your dog.

  • The target stick is a great tool for teaching your pet useful day to day behaviours as well advanced tricks
  • The rubber ball provides a visual target for your pet to focus on and follow, so you can teach your pet movements and body positions from a distance
  • It allows you to break down complex tasks into smaller steps that can be rewarded piece by piece, until your pet has learned the entire behaviour
  • Teaching your pet to maintain contact with the target stick will allow you to then transfer this contact behaviour on to other objects
  • It can be used for teaching everyday behaviours such as sit, drop, and roll over It is also great for teaching complex assistance behaviours, body positioning and staying still for grooming, agility training, and tricks


  • When retracted: 15cm length
  • When extended: 70cm length
  • Blue ball: 2.5cm diameter
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