Chuckit! Ultra Ball Large

SKU: 8309

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Large

SKU: 8309
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Chuckit Ultra Ball

Sometimes simply throwing the ball across the park for your dog isnt enough...for your dog, at least. You, however, are getting sick of some rather underwhelming tosses. And your arm kind of hurts.

Solution? Chuckit Ball Launchers! Theyre designed to lob your dogs ball further than ever before, tiring our your dog rather than you during a game of fetch. These long, plastic launchers are also handy for scooping up your dogs ball once its been returned, saving your back from any aches as well as your hands from slobber.

Better still, Chuckit Ball Launchers can be used with a range of Chuckit balls, including Chuckit Ultra Balls. Developed to have be super bouncy, super buoyant, easy to see and highly durable, these Ultra Balls are perfect for high-energy outdoor play!

  • Super bouncy and buoyant
  • Easy to see and highly durable

Size Guide:
Medium: 6cm (suitable for use with most Chuckit Ball Launcher models)

Large: 8cm (suitable for use with the Chuckit Mega Ball Launcher)

Extra Large: 9cm (suitable for use with the Chuckit Mega Ball Launcher)

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