Charmy Dog & Cat Treat Smelt

SKU: 18980
Charmy Dog & Cat Treat Smelt
Charmy Dog & Cat Treat Smelt

Charmy Dog & Cat Treat Smelt

SKU: 18980
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  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Product supports overall good health for your pet
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Air-Dried. Single-ingredient.


Lake smelt for dogs is a delicious, fishy treat that any dog can enjoy. 

Sourced from Lake Ontario, Canada, these treats are packed with omega-3 fatty acids essential for protecting the joints and cognitive function.

Our lake smelt treats for dogs come whole and are simply air dried at a low temperature to retain maximum natural taste. The healthy protein and fats in this treat delivers essential nutrients to your dog’s muscles, joints and brain. Add lake smelt dog treats to your meal bowl for a boost in healthy fats!



According to traditional Chinese medicine, lake smelt is considered to be a cool protein. When eaten, it increases the cool energies in the dog’s body. It is especially recommended for dogs that have excess hot energy
Eating “cool proteins” can help bring a “hot dog’s” body to a neutral and balanced energy.



Nothing but lake smelt from Lake Ontario, Canada


Net Weight: 100g / 3.5oz

Crude Protein (min): 70.0%
Crude Fat (min): 4%
Crude Fiber (max): 1%
Moisture (max): 9.00%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min): 2%

  • Lake-caught smelt
  • Single ingredient
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Cooling energy protein
  • May build a shiny, dandruff-free coat
  • May help achy, painful joints
  • Promotes proper cognitive & brain function
  • Promotes lower inflammation
  • Delicious fishy taste and crunchy texture
  • Made with only 1 traceable ingredient
  • Recommended for allergic dogs
  • No additives, fillers, or preservatives
  • Retains all vital nutrients in prepping process
  • Perfect for picky dogs



What Kind of Energy Does Your Dog Have?


Hot Dogs Display These Symptoms:

  • Always look for cool places to rest and sleep
  • Body feels warm to the touch
  • Have skin irritation or allergies
  • Shows signs of anxiousness
  • Shows reactivity to the environment
  • RECOMMEND: cooling proteins & neutral proteins


Neutral Dogs Display These Symptoms:

  • Body feels neutral to the touch (not too cold or hot)
  • Doesn't have major allergies
  • Not suffering from skin issues
  • Mellow and calm behavior
  • Non-reactive to the environment
  • RECOMMEND: Hot/Warm Proteins, Cooling Proteins, Neutral Proteins


Cold Dogs Display These Symptoms:

  • Body feels cold to the touch
  • Always looks for warm places to rest and sleep
  • Shows lack of appetite
  • Low energy during winter months
  • Shaking and shivering in room temperature
  • RECOMMEND: hot/warm proteins, neutral proteins
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