NaturPet Liver Care

SKU: 5967
NaturPet Liver Care

NaturPet Liver Care

SKU: 5967
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  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Product supports overall good health for your pet
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Increase the vitality and length of your pet’s life by cleansing their liver regularly! NaturPet’s Liver Care is an oral remedy containing Milk Thistle to clean and protect your pet’s liver from the damaging buildup of toxins and microbes that can result in illness. Cleaning the filters in your car or furnace is a simple maintenance procedure that helps these machines run better. Regular cleaning of the filter (also known as the liver) in your pet’s body will help their systems run better too!

Key Benefits

  • Helps with reoccurring or chronic illnesses and liver conditions.
  • Flushes toxins out of the liver to improve liver function.
  • Increases energy.
  • Safe to use long term for chronic conditions.
  • Supports healing through cell regeneration.
  • Often recommended by Vets for pets on NSAID or steroidal medications.
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs.
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